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Bring your brand logo to life and tell a story at a glance with our custom logo animation services. Your logo can be a game-changer for your brand. It is important to show your brand identity. Our animated logo designers and animator’s team talk a lot with our customers to understand their requirements and bring a logo that captures their audience’s attention. Reach out to us today to design your animated logo!


Let An Animated Logo Design Define Your Brand!

Gone are the days when brand logos were boring and static. It’s a time of transformation, with all brands going digital and looking for every opportunity to reach their customers. The animated logo design evokes customers’ emotions and leaves a lasting impression. Custom logo animation service is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing. If you want to be the best in your field and have your customers remember you in your logo, you should also use an animated logo design to show your professionalism and control.

Why You Need Animated Logo Design?

A logo is the first expression of your brand and should make a good first impression on potential customers. An animated logo design is a way to impress people and increase their chances of remembering your brand. Animated logos can be used on all digital platforms especially in marketing purpose, such as for social media marketing, corporate websites, brand videos, Motion Graphic Design , custom animated video etc. You can even add sound effects to create extra engagement!
Our custom logo animation service can include anything from making your marketing video more professional to inspiring feelings in your audience and sharing on social media. This has many advantages. Contact us now; we create seamlessly looping logo animations that play without interruption.


Custom Logo Animation Services We Offer

Alleviate your corporate image and strengthen your brand with our animated logo design service. We add color to your website or provide you website design services and ensure a continuous transformation of your brand. Our animated logo designers have put a lot of effort into creating logo animations that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Flash Logo Animation Service

The flash logo represents business energy and professionalism. We create unique and dynamic flash logo animations to showcase your brand image in action. Our flash logo animation indicates moving objects and provides fast turning speeds. We create miraculous transformations for your business and improve your reputation.


2D Logo Animation Service

2D logo animation appeals to your brand and grabs the attention of your target audience. We provide 2D logo designs to our valued customers. Our 2D logo animations allow you to enjoy stunning visual movement and add value to your brand image. Hire our 2D logo animation service to promote your product or maximize desired results. We spark emotions in your audience and inspire you to turn your static websites into energetic attractions.

3D Logo Animation Service

A 3D logo animation enhances the visual representation of your brand. It gives your website a new three-dimensional perspective and gives your customers a 360-degree view. We bring your stationery logos to life and turn them into real character animations. Our 3D animated logo designers have the ability and passion for adding original movement to your website’s.


GIF Logo Animation

A GIF logo animation leaves an innovative impression on your potential customers. We provide deep visual inspiration for your brand and deliver stunning visual effects to your customers. Our GIF logos are great for promoting your brand and taking your business to the next level. We bring a new level of creativity to your brand by adding flair to your logo design.

By Hiring Our Custom Logo Animation Services, You Will Get

A high-quality animated logo means you’re ready for every opportunity. Adding a dynamic design helps showcase and deliver your brand’s values and professionalism.

We create meaningful and attractive animated logos to connect with your audience. From color selection to fonts, our experienced designers carefully make design decisions.

Using an animated logo is a great way to grab your audience’s attention through social media and other digital means. An animated logo will make your business stand out and get your brand recognized.

Customers are going to pay more for well-designed products. Our logo designers offer innovative solutions, including animated logos, to add value to your business and increase sales.

A Logo Animation Service That Makes Your Brand Stand Out

As a leading logo animation service provider, we believe in designing quality animated business logos for our clients. We have the best animated logo designers to create logos for brands to set them apart from the competition. Our designers’ experience and enthusiasm allow them to design animated logos that perfectly showcase our client’s brand values.
ULD has a reputation for providing best logo design services and creating the best animated logos for your brand. Our team does research before creating the client’s logo. Our creative animation logo designers’ experience and work help them create custom logo animations that meet our client’s expectations.


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At ULD, our creative experts love to spread creativity throughout the industry. Our goal is to help you engage customers without breaking the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t like the first concepts, we’ll do our best to make your design a hit the first time. If you are unsatisfied with the initial concept, we will revise the design until you are 100% satisfied. If you need to discuss logo concepts, your account manager will be happy to discuss your concerns in depth so that we can find a solution. This constructive mutual effort ensures that the next round of revisions will be exactly what you seek.

An animated logo signifies your brand’s distinctiveness. These are recognizable elements that help convey your brand message across all mediums. You can use your animated logo in all your online channels, including your business website and social media platforms. It can also be used for marketing, business exhibitions, and other digital marketing campaigns.

Animation design is becoming more and more popular every year. Many tools are available for companies. Conversely, this means anyone in the industry can use these features. To stand out, you need a high-quality anime design. Our professional logo animation services can help. Our experienced team can help you create quality animated logos more efficiently and quickly at competitive prices. This frees up time to focus on other business priorities and goals.

It all starts with a logo design submission form that you can fill out online or download as a Word file and send it back to us via email. An account manager will be assigned to discuss your project over the phone. If you ask us to look for another brand, such as your competitors, we will research them. Next, prepare your first selection for prototyping. They aim to initiate a dialogue through a series of development phases to complete the project.

If you don’t have a logo yet, we can create one for an additional fee. For examples of 100% custom logos we have created for past clients, please see the Logo Designs tab at the top of our website. See packaging at the top of our website for current logo design pricing and packaging options! You own 100% of the rights to the logo we create for you.