What Does The Metaverse Logo Mean?

What Does The Metaverse Logo Mean

Bye, Facebook Inc., and hello, Meta. The Facebook Inc. of Mark Zuckerberg has formally reformed its title for the first time in 17 years. This title change has come after a logo design change. Facebook Inc., which first had a “like” logo design, has been replaced by Meta, which has a logo that looks like the “infinite” symbol. Numerous businesses use the infinite symbol in their logos.

What is unique about this new Metaverse logo design, and where does it come from? In a post to the official website, the company further enlightened the function of the Metaverse logo design, which looks a lot like an infinity symbol. 

To better know the meaning of the Metaverse logo design, you must first need to understand what metaverse is.

What Is The Metaverse?

As this is a new technology at an early stage, the metaverse is not well defined, and it is impossible to predict how this technology will evolve in the future. However, to know its perspective, it is important to understand what the metaverse is.

Initially made up by Neil Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash, the word “Metaverse” refers to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious plans to enter this new virtual world in 2021. It became common when it was announced.

A brief explanation that can be used to define the metaverse is a shared virtual reality space in which users can act together with computer-generated backgrounds, stuffs, and other users’ avatars. 

Although the metaverse is often referred to as proprietary technology, this virtual space could not exist without the use of a wide range of new technologies, including: 

      • Virtual reality (VR). 

      • Internet of Things (IoT).

      • Blockchain. 

      • Augmented Reality (AR). 

      • Artificial intelligence (AI). 

      • 3D reconstruction.  

    Metaverse technology consists of the internet, augmented reality, and augmented virtual physical environments to create functional spaces.

    The Meaning Of Metaverse Logo Design

    “The Metaverse lets you transcend the constraints of the screen, distance, and even physical restraints. Metaverse is always a reminder that you can create more,” Meta wrote. To represent Meta’s vision, the company ultimately settled on a logo design that resembles an “infinity” symbol. 

    Although it looks new, it turns out that the “infinity” symbol used by Meta and some other companies is evolved from an ancient symbol, “Ouroboros.” 

    The “Ouroboros” symbol portrays a serpent or dragon biting its own tail and spiraling it horizontally in figure eight. The “infinity” symbol this one is also symbolized by the spiral line that forms the horizontal number 8. 

    Factually, the Ouroboros symbol represents infinity and the phase of life and death.

    Meta says there’s something special about the metaverse logo design, rendered using Quest’s proprietary virtual reality (VR) technology. As said by Meta, the process of creating a metaverse logo design is not done in the traditional way, in a two-dimensional (2D) format.

    On the other hand, the metaverse logo has been intentionally reworked as a moving logo with an exclusive continuous rotation motion. By moving, this panel can be viewed in 2D and 3D. Therefore, the metaverse logo can actually take many different forms depending on the viewer’s perspective and point of view. Because of this, the metaverse logo design might look like an infinite (unlimited) symbol.

    Meta writes, “This form symbolizes the infinite horizons of the metaverse.” But on the other hand, the Metaverse logo also looks a lot like the letter “M,” but it just represents the name of Meta itself.

    The company explained that the metaverse logo captures the creativity and imagination of the 3D world using endless textures, colors, and motion. This 3D world is the basic idea behind the metaverse, the future vision of Meta.

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    The Fonts And Colors Of Metaverse Logo Design

    Many users wonder: why is Facebook changing its identity altogether now to change its name? Because they want to remove a lot of negatives associated with the old name and logo. It’s just taken a defeat mentally and technically lately. The outcome is oral battles, anger, frustration, and constant restlessness.

    A second factor that makes rebranding more profitable today has to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to isolation, people are looking for communication on the internet. The number of users is increasing rapidly, and they are looking for alternatives to active connections. Meta gives them a chance. The space created allows communication, commerce, product promotion, advertising, improvement, shopping, etc.

    The metaverse logo design inscription is a full-size sans serif font that is smooth, uniform, communicative, and readable. This font is very equivalent to Nexa Text Bold and Carmen Sans Semi Bold.

    The metaverse logo color palette was retained, and blue took center stage. However, its scale is slightly moved towards saturation. In other words, it is closer to neon than traditional bright lights. In addition, the strip has a subtle gradation, but it is barely noticeable, and the transition from dark to light is smooth. The brand name is in Black.

    How To Design A Metaverse Logo?

    There are several ways to design a Metaverse logo. The most excellent technique is to use an online logo maker. It’s a great way to begin, as you can try out several designs to find what suits best for your business. 

    One more option is to use design software such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create your Metaverse logo. This alternative gives you better monitoring of the end result but involves some simple design skills. 

    If you are unsure of your design skills, then you should hire logo design service to create your metaverse logo. 

    Once you’ve created your Metaverse logo, use it constantly through all of your branding needs. It helps create a strong, noticeable brand that turns your audience into your customers.

    Wrapping It Up!

    The metaverse is a fast-changing online space that offers businesses a unique chance to build perceptions and create identities. If you’re ready to boost your business, consider creating a metaverse. 

    However, there are many factors to consider when creating a metaverse logo. Ultimately, however, the essential thing is to create something that perfectly signifies your brand and is easily identifiable by users of your virtual space. With plenty of options at hand, the process can be awesome. So now you’re familiar with the meaning of the metaverse logo, you can design your logo that will make your business notable in the metaverse.


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