5 Best Smart Home Apps Trending In 2023

5 Best Smart Home Apps Trending in 2023

In this era of digital revolution, automation is no more restricted to work spaces or industrial appliances, rather it is now dominating domestic life as well. The ease and comfort required to lead a luxurious life can be achieved easily by the best smart home system. Almost every appliance in your home can be automated and managed by an Android, iPhone or a tablet with the help of smart home apps. Although, an exclusive mobile app design services is available for each of the modern household devices but carrying and using a separate app for each device seems too tedious nowadays, one the other hand following multitasking smart apps minimizes the effort and ambiguity to a great extent.

1. Samsung’s SmartThings – Smart Home Manager App

Samsung SmartThings Hub can said to be the best home automation system when it comes to remotely manage multiple household devices which may include modern thermostats, Wi-Fi routers, bulbs and a variety of security locks. The aforementioned purpose only requires Samsung’s SmartThings app in your phone and Smart things Hub wall mounted in your home. In this app routines can be setup on various supported devices.

Available for both Android and iOS, SmartThings app supports audio inputs. Like many other smart home apps, it has a shortcoming that it cannot send notifications in case of internet disconnection. In order to get the best smart home system SmartThings app is compatible with many devices like television sets, air conditioners, cameras, washers, dryers, Wi-Fi Hubs, refrigerators, light bulbs, security locks, thermostats and many more. The versatility of SmartThings makes it a great smart home manager app.

2.  Alexa by Amazon – One Of The Best Smart Home Apps

Those who search internet for the best smart home system must have gone through many posts about Alexa by Amazon. This smart home manager app is compatible with many devices and not limited to Amazon enabled devices only. An Alexa user can easily control all the connected devices both by giving audio commands and by tapping on the desired options. Unlike other apps Alexa enables its users to make voice calls, video calls and sharing images with other Alexa users comfortably. Surprisingly, this app is compatible with millions of devices which include the devices by Samsung, Phillips and Nest. Due to this compatibility with extremely large variety of devices, Alexa maintains its position on the top of the competition.

Alexa being a very popular app offers its users to create shopping lists and schedule many other household tasks easily. It also helps users to navigate public transport while traveling locally or globally.

3. Google Assistant – To Assist Best Home Automation System

Among the top rated smart home apps Google Assistant dominates the market to a considerable extent. When it comes to compatibility with wide range of devices, it possesses a high reputation like Alexa and SmartThings. Although, it has lesser options for the integration of third party apps then Alexa, it can fulfill more commands by users. Like its popular counterparts, Google Assistant quickly prompts users to integrate supporting nearby devices available on the network. Available for both Android and iOS devices, Google Assistant can said to be the most versatile application to manage the best smart home system as it works with Phillips Hue, Honeywell, Nest and many other smart devices.

Searching something on web, setting up reminders, playing favorite music, managing routines and control of many supported smart devices has become too easy because of Google Assistant by just saying “Hey Google”. Unlike its top competitors it supports too many languages to enable management and control in native languages by large number of users worldwide.

4. HomeKit By Apple – Best Smart Home App For Apple Devices

Apple Homekit can said to be one of the best smart home apps for iPhone users as it is preinstalled in most of the latest versions and works near perfectly and securely with many Apple devices. Though, Apple Home Kit isn’t compatible with as many devices as Alexa and Google Assistant but still there is a large number of supported devices with which it works perfectly fine. Thus, any compatible accessory can be set up and controlled from one place using the HomeKit.

There are more than hundred brands around the world committed to deliver Apple Homekit compatible devices and the number is increasing on daily basis. In order to ensure user’s security, each of the compatible devices are reviewed and approved by Apple. A wide range of air conditioners, air purifiers, bridges, cameras, doorbells, fans, faucets, garage doors, humidifiers, lights, locks, routers, speakers, thermostats, television sets and many other devices can be easily managed and controlled by Homekit.

The dream of the best home automation system seems to be true when Homekit app controls the compatible devices in accordance with user expectations. Apple Homekit can said to be the best smart home app for iPhone users and other users of Apple accessories due to various reasons.

5. Honeywell Home App – Smart Home Manager App

Honeywell provides a large collection of smart devices and one of the great smart home apps named Honeywell Home. The collections of Honeywell devices include surveillance cameras, thermostats, freezer control system, water leakage monitoring and control systems and many more.

The combination of Honeywell Home smart home manager app and a Honeywell device constitutes one of the great home automation systems, since a user can easily change settings of the devices and receive timely notifications about almost everything happening in home. Furthermore, this app has a geo-fencing feature which enables users to set up a range around their homes, once the users cross that range the system switches to the default settings automatically.  Like other top smart home apps Honeywell home app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Being a very flexible application Honeywell Home enables users to comfortably schedule their tasks on the go. Devices by top tech brands like Apple, Google, Amazon and more can be integrated with Honeywell Home.


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