What Is Brand Identity?

What Is Brand Identity

Brand identity is one terminology that gets used haphazardly and sometimes the wrong way. Given its massive role in building a solid brand, it is important to understand its importance fully.

To understand the importance of brand identity, just look at the most influential brands in the world. A quick glance at each brand name conjures up images of the specific emotions and relations they have developed over time. 

Brand identity is essential, but what does it look like? This article answers these and many other pressing questions about brand identity. This blog post includes what brand identity is, the importance of brand identity, and how to create a successful one for your brand. 

So first, let’s start by giving you a detailed answer to what brand identity is.

Explaining Of Brand Identity?

A brand identity is how a business presents its brand externally. It can take the form of a logo, a catchphrase, or an emblem. This allows customers to differentiate your brand from others; businesses establish a positive brand identity that gains loyal customers and increases sales. 

Researching the industry and understanding the business’s goals and purposes will help build an optimistic identity.

Businesses improve their brand image through continuous marketing and communication, thereby generating more sales. 

Appearance, products, services, and mission makes a brand unique. This is how customers identify different brands. For example, businesses use unique elements such as custom logo design, brand name, and symbol to build their visual identity.

Each color, font, and shape has a consistent emotional influence on customers, just as each font and color represents the personality of the company. For instance, Coca-Cola, a well-known beverage company, uses white and red to represent youth, craving, and the aspiration to buy. Though, misuse of these elements can have an adverse effect on the company. 

Logo designs have been part of brand identity since the 1600s. Many businesses developed logo designs to emphasize their identity in medieval times. However, the large-scale development of custom logo design began at the end of the 20th century. 

Averill, the Chemical Paint Company, was the first brand to register a logotype in 1870. The logo has an emblem with an eagle and a ribbon that reads economical, beautiful, and durable.”

Importance Of Brand Identity

Brand identity is important for the following reasons: 

  • Connect with loyal customers. 
  • It inspires confidence. 
  • It all leads to sales. 
  • Make your brand stand out from the others in the industry!

In general, brand identity should be constant and precise where it appears. By delivering the same message through vocal and graphic cues, consumers will recognize you as a trusted brand and instill reliance, devotion, and sales. This means that logos, packaging, and messaging can all improve your brand reputation and identity.

Understanding how all of these elements provide a cohesive experience can help you build a great brand image, like Airbnb. This company has changed not only the way we travel but also the way we think about branding. Beginning with the creative proposition of “Belong Anywhere,” all brand elements and assets have been redesigned to tie the new personality. 

The design agency process started with trying out Airbnb. With 18 moderators, 13 cities, 90 days at headquarters, followed by 120 interviews with collaborators, the branding agency has accumulated enough knowledge to develop a creative strategy. 

Their new identity design embodies the Airbnb standards ​​, and community people are proud to share. The next step was to carry the innovative brand identity online and mobile. They took it a step further and built a platform allowing community members to create their own logo designs. This sets them apart from all other companies.

How To Create A Successful Brand Identity

You might be thinking, “So, where to start?” The process may seem overwhelming at the start, but after influencing our brand and serving many customers express theirs, we’re ready to share the information we’ve gained through the following step-by-step practice: 

Know Your Brand

Before you think about forming a brand identity, you really need to understand your brand. You may think this is redundant since you have a business idea, but let’s dig a little deeper and ask, “why did we start this business” “what makes our brand unique,” “what we can do to make apart from others. By answering these questions, you can understand your vision, mission, and values, which are the foundations of your brand.

Thorough Market Research

Creating a successful brand identity based on distinction. This means your brand stands out and is relevant and unique. Therefore, it is important to understand not only who your competitors are but also the visual performance of your brand. All can be compared to reveal surprising information. It’s not uncommon for many industries to use the same visual elements, but this is a great opportunity to stand out. Think of Netflix and YouTube; they use red color.

Design A Professional Logo

A logo is the primary visual central point of your overall brand identity. When communicating your business message, think about what you want to convey to your audience. Whether you hire a custom logo design service or design your own logo, your logo should reflect the essence of your brand. 

Remember to be simple, enduring, scalable, and notable. 

A well-designed logo can grasp and embrace the attention of your target audience, make an enduring impression, set you apart from your competition, and increase brand loyalty. 

One last piece of advice: don’t insist on uniqueness.

Select Color Palette Cleverly

You can catch a specific color with just a glance. Perhaps this is why a visual element can increase brand awareness by 80%, which is an actual fact. You subconsciously rate a product within the first 90 seconds of looking at it. 60-90% of those ratings are based on color only. 

Color psychology research shows that colors evoke emotional responses. Choose one or two primary colors that excellently echo your brand identity and personality. Then add more or muted shades to match your overall palette without competing with it.

Precise Look And Feel

Strong brand identity stems from high design criteria that are steadily applied to all parts of branding, from business stationery and product packaging to social media accounts and website design. This can be achieved through a brand style guide (if you do it yourself) or by hiring an online Reputation management service provider. 

A professional agency has detailed information that governs the exact look of your brand, including font type and size, brand colors, logo design and size, layout rules, etc. 

Minor design differences can dilute a brand’s identity, and even seemingly insignificant things like letter spacing in a name can have a negative impact. A professional branding agency prevents this from happening.

Build A Website

Think of your website as the home of your business. You invite your targeted audience and ask them to look at what you offer. Your visitors and target audience are there to learn more about what and how you do your job. Some visitors stay, and some leave. Most importantly, the website aims to impress visitors and create lasting relationships. It is important to note that if you are a digital service provider, you must hire a website design service to build a functional and beautiful website.

Market Your Business On Social Media

Social media is an important tool in your business’s organic marketing. Organic marketing uses free tactics like creating social media content to attract customers to your brand. The point is the more value you offer potential customers, the more they will be attracted to you. 

An exclusive social presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube will help you reach new customers and build relationships with your audience. This makes the brand look genuine and authentic. 

Building a social media presence doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, successful social media branding is a continuing process of regularly connecting with your audience, replying to messages and comments, and finding innovative ways to connect with your audience. For successful social media campaign you can hire our social media marketing services

Monitor The Progress

The last step is to monitor the progress with different measures. Businesses can do this through side-to-side analyses, customer responses, feedback, and other similar practices.

Final Thoughts

A brand identity distinguishes your company from others and emphasizes your originality and uniqueness. It’s one thing to understand your brand identity and another to communicate it effectively to your audience. Therefore, creating a brand identity requires a clear will and a well-thought-out strategy. 

Ideally, your brand identity should be unswerving throughout but never stiff. A consistent brand identity increases brand recognition. Therefore, you should wisely consider all aspects of your brand and ensure they fit together perfectly to create a successful brand identity.


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